Arcteryx St. Anton Monthly ‘climbing tips & tricks’

Improve your start your climbing with our monthly climbing training event at Arl'rock in St. Anton. With tips & tricks by Emanuel Falch from Biwak Guiding.
DATES: December 27st, February 3rd, February 22nd, March 22nd, April 19th

Ski Prep for Ladies

Show your beloved skis some love. A step by step how to check, wax and prep your skis for the upcoming season. The event is free of charge.

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Craft beer, new gear & stories at Sport Pete

Christopher Harrison, also known as the sorcerer, is an award winning brewer! Let’s enjoy his incredible creations, talk about the perfect layering system for you and look, touch and try all the lovely shiny new (Arc'teryx) gear at Sport Pete.

Action photography workshop

Learn to shoot action photos from local photographer Jacob Slot. For more than two decades his images have been featured anywhere and everywhere.Get to know about light, shutter speed and composition. The course is free of charge and supported by Arc'teryx.
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Ski Sauvage

Ski Sauvage, is skiing in all its joyous substance. It’s the sharing, between amateurs and professionals, of turns and curves made on a surface of crystallized water; the pleasure of chasing spots on new skis in which to carve ephemeral geometrical tracks.

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Ice climbing clinic

Ice Climbing has always tickled your fancy, but you didn’t know how and where to start. Try it in a,- safe environment with Emanuel Falch, an experienced guide and patient teacher. Meating point is the bakery in St. Anton at 9:00. Clinic cost: Euro 70,- Group size max 8p. Sign up by sending Emanuel a message on +43 6649220395

Arc'tery Academy: Freeride St. Anton am Arlberg
A weekend full of freeride, touring and safety clinics. THE ARC'TERYX ACADEMY: FREERIDE ST. ANTON AM ARLBERG aims to educate and share the skills necessary to enjoy powder runs and self-propelled touring in a safe and sustainable manner.



Mid-season body maintenance

Everyday is play day: piste bashing, touring, powder gloriousness you name it. All of the fun comes at little cost - cranky knees, bitchy (lower) back and concrete legs. Jodie, a guru of all things physical and moving in the human body, is going to hold a class.

Glacier travel & safety

The great white. A sea of the most beautiful ice and snow. In this clinic you are going to learn all things concerning glacier - such as reading the ice and snow, glacier travel - how to safely navigate on a glacier and inherent safety - with a worst case scenario: crevasse rescue.

Trail running community

Your morning tour is done, you have had lunch, but what now? Exactly: let’s head out for a (shake out) run. On a weekly basis - until the snow starts falling again - we are exploring everything trail around the Arlberg mountains. On Strava we are going to post the route with all the necessary details.

Arc'teryx St. Anton Gravel Grinder

Gravel riding in the Arlberg area presents many vertical meters but nevertheless there is a great network of tours in the valley which can be combined with exactly the number of altitude meters you wish. Long fast gravel sections along the river, short climbs on the mountainsides or alpine gravel roads above the tree line. Join Arlberg Endurance & Arc'teryx St. Anton for their weekly social ride.

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